At GES, we believe intelligent and precise engineering can transform your Industry 4.0 journey. Whether it is Robotics, Automated Test and Measurement systems, Inspection equipment or, AI algorithms, we strive to bring you the most innovative Engineering services. Our presence across major technology hubs in the world ensure we are not just up to date with business firsts, but we also deliver them with agility in record time;

Our technology-first engineering services including Tool design, reverse engineering, FE analysis and industrial design have helped businessses realize their goals faster and, accelerated product development cycles. Our cutting-edge technology and a keen business-focused approach creates tangible business results.

Our range of services in engineering include:

  • Gap and offset
  • High speed 2D
  • High speed 3D
  • Flatness
  • Thickness
  • Surface roughness
  • OLED panel flatness
  • OLED waviness
  • Cover glass defect inspection
  • Interferometric tester
  • Display pixel uniformity
  • Diffractive optical element inspection
  • Optical diffuser tester
  • Display angular intensity
  • Mobile phone camera MTF
  • Angular light intensity for lens design and calibration
  • Camera blemish
  • Lens assembly inspection
  • Final assembly mobile phone defect inspection
  • Machine learning for defect inspection
  • Color and gloss
  • Camera sensor soldering defect
  • Wafer defect detection
  • Medical packaging
  • Solder ball height
  • Glue overflow

Display and cover

Diffractive optical elements
and 3D imaging

Lens Design and

Cosmetic Defect Inspection
and Classification

Our technical and market expertise, along with our flexible approach empower us to provide you with world-class service, round the clock. Our collaborative approach, global presence and local reach, allow us to offer you ingenious design solutions for your accelerated growth.

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