We offer advanced technology solutions to customers in smart consumer electronics industry. These solutions range from automated test solutions for mass production applications, to production control and smart maintenance.


We specialize in test solutions for display testing, haptics, sensors, modules right upto FATP.

We also provide solutions for testing PC boards and intermediate products.

GES’s capability in inspection, test and precision automation makes us a perfect partner for your consumer electronics engineering challenges. Whether you are looking for the smallest of defects, functionally testing your device, or aligning components within a few microns, we have the experience to help.

We have a strong global engineering organization with footprints in the US and Asia that allows us to support our customers with face to face discussions, whether you are at home or traveling onsite. This combines well with our cost effective, high volume production capabilities in Asia.

Metrology and Defect Detection
  • OLED panel flatness
  • MicroLED Testing
  • Defect detection using AI
  • Cover glass inspection
  • Diffractive optical element measurement
  • Optical diffuser measurement
  • Color and gloss inspection
  • Display angular intensity
  • Interferometric tester
  • High speed 3D/2D measurement
  • Leakage Testing (Air leak, Water leak, and Optical leak)
  • VCSEL Testing
  • Optical image stabilizer testing
  • Force touch testing
  • Acoustic testing
  • Vibration testing
  • Camera testing
  • Battery leakage testing
  • Battery cycling testing
  • Resistance testing
  • Radio frequency testing
Assembly & Process Equipment
  • Small part pick and place
  • Wafer autoloader and aligners
  • Dispensing
  • UV Curing
  • Precision alignment
  • Laser welding
  • Wafer sorter
  • Assembly line automation

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