Medical and Pharmaceutical companies rely on our automation know-how to understand, predict and build solutions that are needed to produce the next generation products for patient care. Our capabilities span from AI & machine learning software to building hardware solutions utilizing vision systems to enhance manufacturing workflows. We are working to remove the human element to get more consistent, repeatable and high-quality parts for our customers.

We provide services and solutions at various points in your product life cycle that include software automated test systems, Optical Engineering, Machine vision and Artificial intelligence.


Functional Testing
  • Active alignment
  • Small part pick and place
  • Dispensing
  • Assembly line automation
  • Laser welding
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • EFEM/Wafer Automation
  • Small Part Assembly


In the medical market, product success can mean the difference between life and death. Our unique combination of engineering talent relating to optics, image analysis, and material handling allows us to solve the most complex medical product testing problems imaginable. Combining that engineering prowess with our low-cost, high-volume manufacturing in Vietnam and China, makes GES the perfect partner to help you improve your product quality, safety and at the same time, keep your product affordable.

If you’d like to leverage GES’s medical products test technology to streamline your manufacturing and quality assurance/quality control processes, shoot us a quick email and we’ll be in touch shortly.

GES Inc. Headquarters

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San Jose, CA 95138, USA