Offerings include our standard equipment front-end modules and customized automation capabilities, wafer/component inspection, software services and product customization. We support our customers through their whole product life cycle and will help get them to market quicker with strategic and reliable geographically sourced manufacturing.

From equipment design, to software, to service, we have the technology that can help our customers improve their semiconductor business. We also offer contract manufacturing solutions for semiconductor tools using our clean room facilities in the USA and Vietnam and have additional manufacturing capabilities in India and China.

Services and Solutions

  • EFEM/Wafer Automation
  • Product Development
  • Wafer probing alignment
  • Semiconductor software
    • SECS/GEM
    • SEMI Compliant Interfaces
    • Artificial Intelligence Supported Through EMTab and ZeptoVision
    • SEMI Standard Compliant Equipment Automation Libraries
    • Integration and Other Software Services
  • Build to print and Private Label System Manufacturing
  • System and Sub-system Builds
  • Rack and Electrical Cabinet Manufacturing
  • Vacuum Systems
  • Vacuum Load Locks
  • Clean Room Manufacturing
  • Inspection/Vision
  • Fab/Factory Automation
  • Metrology
  • Retrofits
  • Installations
  • Wafer Mapping
  • VCSEL Testing
  • Silicon Photonics Alignment and Testing
  • Optical System Designs and Testing Strategies
  • Diffractive Optical Element Inspection and Testing
  • Optical Diffuser Measurement
  • Field Service Engineering


We support our customers at every step of the product life cycle from protype to mass production. We understand and design to the SEMI industry standards and we understand the culture, cycle times, reliability, precision, and cleanliness standards of this demanding industry. We help our customers accelerate their time to market with automation expertise that is quickly developed and offer custom EFEM design/integration services (Wafer and part handling capabilities) and SECS/GEM integration capabilities. This fast development and deployment strategy allows our customers take more market share and grow in a competitive market.

We are an international company with strategic geographic locations to adapt to the needs of our customers. Our strengths involve Silicon Valley based engineering as well as Vietnamese, Chinese and Indian manufacturing capabilities. Both Vietnam and Silicon Valley have a shared culture in semiconductor excellence which exists throughout our organization. This has become more important in recent years with US and Chinese trade tensions. We have been able to leverage our facilities in the US, China, India, Japan and Vietnam to provide the right strategic resources to our customers and we will continue this strategy to give the most competitive solutions in the industry.

GES Inc. Headquarters

5215 Hellyer Avenue, Suite 130
San Jose, CA 95138, USA