GES EFEM is a customizable Equipment Front End Module that offers clean, reliable performance for your wafer handling needs. We offer standard EFEMs, but specialize in customizing them to suit your specific application’s cleanliness, handling technique, throughput, and form-factor needs.
Standard and Custom EFEMs

GES has the ability to move quickly from prototype to manufacture. We offer units in varying complexity and precision to fit your needs and can integrate the needed hardware, software, vision, optics design, sub-micron metrology, environmental control and materials handling to fit your needs. From single units to 4-wide, we can suit the needs of your application.



  • Silicon Valley Engineering + Vietnamese Manufacturing
  • Customization to your exact needs
  • Hardware + Software integration
  • Optics design and implementation
  • In-country field service
  • Short prototype turn-around
  • Cost-effective manufacturing geography
  • In-house software engineers with vision expertise
  • 8 weeks typical to go from concept to design proposal
  • 8-10 weeks from design proposal to first article delivery
  • Environmental

      Mini Environmental Control For Up To ISO Class 1 Clean Room Classification

      Temperature Control

      Ionization Bars
  • Wafer Handling

      Wafer Size (300, 200, 100 And Capabilities For Others) And Various Thicknesses And Flatnesses

      Varying substrate Materials (Glass, Silicon, Silicon Carbide, Germanium, Etc.)

      End Effectors Or Various Gripping Technologies (Edge, Vacuum, Bernoulli And More), Wafer Filipping Also Optional

      Special Wafers Or Other Substrates (Reticles, Film Frame, Display)

      Industry Standard SMIF and Load Ports As Well As Other Specialized Designs

  • Robot Selection

      Single And Dual Arm

      3-Axis And 4-Axis Designs

      Experience with Brooks, Hirata, Kawasaki And More
  • Tool Footprint Can Be Adjusted To Meet The Space You Need
  • Vision

      Barcode Readers

      Fiducial Recognition

  • Software Needs

      Standard 300mm & 200mm SEMI Compliant Libraries

      SECS/GEM Interfaces

      GUI Design

      Wafer Mapping

      Customer Specific Integration Services As Well As Standard Software Solutions


Our team of engineers in Silicon Valley has tested semiconductor design experience. We ensure that your needs are met with a customized, cost-effective solution. Combine that with Vietnamese manufacturing and in-country support, and you have a wafer-handling system that’s built specifically for your needs with an aggressive lead time and cost-effective manufacturing.

GES has put machines into some of the most demanding production environments in the world with a proven track record of success. If an off-the-shelf solution isn’t the appropriate route, then trust GES to meet your needs from prototype to scale. If it’s time to look for a customized solution to your EFEM needs, just shoot us a quick email and someone will be in touch shortly.

GES Inc. Headquarters

5215 Hellyer Avenue, Suite 130
San Jose, CA 95138, USA



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