"EMTab is an intelligent, scalable and customizable end-to-end IIoT platform aligned to Industry 4.0. It is designed to provide 24x7 real-time visibility on the fine details of your manufacturing process which ensures improved productivity and efficiency. EMTab eliminates unwarranted downtime as production and maintenance issues are identified before they manifest as a grave problem."



Shop-floor to Top-floor

With the ERP integration using EMTab, all levels of management have the real-time visibility to the shop floor and the financial impact.

Machine Learning Framework

Train & deploy models – Be an ML/DL Expert. Implement Machine Learning for Predictive Maintenance.

Production Metrics

Improve your manufacturing KPIs with EMTab. Our solution provides both runtime visibility and historical production data.

Defect Analysis

Increase your quality metrics by discovering and eliminating the most common defect causes.

Cycle Time Analysis

Reduce your unplanned downtime duration by discovering and eliminating the most common downtime causes.


Easier compliance to Customer, Government and International standards (US FDA 21 CFR Part 11, TS16949, etc.)

Audit Trail

Maintain a secure, computer-generated, time-stamped electronic record that allows for the reconstruction of the course of events relating to the creation, modification, or deletion of an electronic record.

Documentation / e-DHR

Put your operator guidelines and training on track with EMTab. EMTab platform also enables you to manage your equipment and process documentation.

Our Value Propositions

It is YOUR Solution

EMTab offers customizable modules based on YOUR specific requirements. Improve visibility of your manufacturing processes using EMTab.

Insights for all Stakeholders

Customized dashboards that provide niche insights to all stakeholders. These insights are a consequence of our 500+ years of combined expertise


EMTab is configurable and modular to support user-defined machine parameters, data from ERP systems, and other devices such as PLCs and SCADA to produce reports swiftly & effectively.

Easy Deployment

Simple connectivity and fast deployment with any process or discrete manufacturing asset / shop-floor equipment with standard interfaces on-premises.

Return on Investment

EMTab has a significant direct and indirect impact on your revenue by enabling process optimisation, improving overall efficiency & increasing productivity.

EMTab Impact

The EMTab customizable dashboard allows each user to generate advanced custom visuals with multiple graphic components for monitoring data and statistics relevant to their purpose, be it shop floor personnel, middle management executives or top-level officers to ensure appropriate and timely intervention to improve efficiency.


EMTab Deployments

EMTab is deployed in mission critical industries such as pharmaceutical, automotive, EMS and smart consumer electronics with stringent compliance requirements, and a need to anticipate and prevent process issues. EMTab is a flexible and customizable platform that can easily meet the verification, validation, and documentation processes in all facilities.

EMTab can be deployed on a secure private cloud and on-premise. It supports multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac-OS, Linux & Android. EMTab works on multiple devices such as tablets, laptops and desktops.

Feel free to reach out to us to understand use-cases.