EMTab is a unique solution offered by GES. Powered by AI and machine learning, EMTab is an AI driven, active, web based, manufacturing management system.

EMTab monitors production machines, identify anomalies in data, and predicts maintenance events. Key stakeholders can use EMTab to get actionable insights, leading to a better decision-making process. EMTab is also equipped to provide audit trails and reports. thus, drive accountability and improving documentation capabilities while reducing overheads.

EMTab is in action 24/7. With round the clock monitoring, alarms, and push notification and mobile device support, we make sure you are in control of the production process from wherever you are.


Its top-notch in-built security architecture ensures all your data is safe. We can also integrate to your ERP and MES to facilitate faster output and seamless production management. With a simplified user dashboard, it can seamlessly merge in your workflow. The configuration of the EMTab can be customized, depending on the nature of your business and requirement.

EMTab impact

Companies who have deployed our AI-driven EMTab software have witnessed improved ROI, reduced downtime, and better production process.

EMTab deployments

EMTab is deployed in industries with stringent compliance requirements such as in pharmaceuticals manufacturing factories. We have experience with verification, validation and documentation processes. We understand the needs of pharmaceutical manufacturing and the software is customizable to local requirements. EMTab is deployed in EMS and smart consumer electronics manufacturing factories.


EMTab in Pharma Industry


EMTab in EMS


EMTab in Smart Consumer Electronics

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