At GES, we believe intelligent and precise engineering can transform your Industry 4.0 journey. we strive to bring you the most innovative Engineering in Robotics, Automated Test and Measurement systems, Inspection equipment and artificial intelligence. Our presence across major technology hubs in the world ensures that we are up to date with most relevant trends. We learn from and deliver our services with agility and speed.

Our technology-first engineering services include electromechanical design for automation equipment, reverse engineering, Finite Element analysis and industrial design. We help businesses realize their goals faster and accelerate product development cycles. Our cutting-edge technology and a keen business-focused approach creates tangible business outcomes.

Our engineering services include:




Precision Mechanical Design and
Complex Motion Control


Automation Software, Machine Vision, GUI and Embedded Systems


Optics and Camera
Display Inspection


Machine Vision and
AI Powered Deep Learning


Drafting and

Our technical expertise and global presence, along with our flexibility enable us to provide you with world-class services and ingenious design solutions to support your accelerated growth, around the clock.

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